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Get a bright disount online, Takhfifan.com

Samaneh Nasihatkon August 21, 2014 0
Get a bright disount online, Takhfifan.com

Takhfifan (Takhfif literally means discount) is the first and the biggest Group buying website in Iran. Founded in June 2011, It operates in 7 biggest Cities in Iran including Tehran and 6 others. Takhfifan offering 18-20 offers on a daily basis in Tehran and 1-3 offers in the other cities.

Nazanin Daneshvar is the CEO and the Founder of Takhfifan and has more than 12 years on experience in E-commerce field, Working in Europe before Takhfifan and getting to know this business model made her to think about starting the same thing in Iran. So basically after customer validation and development they launched the site in 2011.


Nazanin Daneshvar(left), the founder of Takhfifan

Staring with two people( Nazanin & Negin, her sister) by then, now they are over 60 people in HQ and other cities and they have grown organically without any investment so far. They were recognised as the best entrepreneur in 2011 and Got the award of the best Group buying website in the following years.

Takhfifan has now more than 10000 merchants working with her and continues to grows and expands to different regions and areas. Nazanin Daneshvar, the CEO believes today is the time that all the businesses should move online to continue marketing and old marketing ways don’t work any more.

Takhfifan has developed their mobile application from the first year and offering all the deals and information online. They also added the functionally called “Takhfifan just now” which customers can buy and use the coupons straight away.

Takhfifan group along the way came to the need of having a reviewing platform and they started Tarinan.com on 2012 which is a free review and local search platform. Has been quite successful and the mobile app would be launched soon.

Finding a woman entrepreneur in IT with a running business is not easy in Iran and Nazanin Daneshvar is a good example of one. She owned Meydoonak.com couple of years ago which was the first Iranian Online Grocery shopping and has years of experience in e-commerce inside and outside of the country. She really believes in Entrepreneurship and loves all the challenges in this way.