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Have you ever ordered your breakfast online? Meet Kalapch.com

Samaneh Nasihatkon September 18, 2014 0
Have you ever ordered your breakfast online? Meet Kalapch.com

Kalapch is a delicious startup for those who want to have an Iranian ultra-nutritious breakfast. We have two main Iranian breakfast called “Kalapch” and “Haleem”, both of which we serve at Kalapch.

Eateries always prepares breakfast work during the night and start selling it at dawn. They are invariably crowded and you will usually see a long queue waiting to buy breakfast. As most people prefer not to cut back on their sleep, there was always a motivation to find an easier way to get this delicious and nutritious breakfast to them.

So, Kalapch provided the answer. It made the process of buying breakfast easy. Customers can sit at home and order their breakfast online. For registered members, there is another option too. They can order by text or call.

Getting the online orders and shipping the breakfast to customers is all Kalapch does. Kalapch gets the breakfast from the best restaurants having the best Chefs.

Reviewing the website, Kalapch uses colloquial language on its pages. This is a good way to earn the trust of customers and Kalapch is using it as a competitive advantage. The other competitive advantage of Kalapch is using the best standard containers in its packaging.

For the first order, Kalapch asks for traditional methods of payments. Customers get their order and pay the delivery guy. Using online orders and sending orders to any address, customers can use this service to send this delicious breakfast as a gift to their loved ones. And after the first order, Kalapch can update the payment method to an online method.

Kalapch is one of the most active startups on Social Media. You can follow Kalapch on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and aparat.

One of the most exciting parts of Kalapch website is the entertainment and game part. You can play 4 online games on Kalapch website. All the games has the same character that is a sheep.

Kalapch is active in Tehran and they are planning to expand their business all over the country.

As Kalapch team cares about the customers opinions, they ask that you can post your comments on any of the media you’re on, or on its website. Most of the customers were satisfied with the service and some have asked for more type of breakfast. So, as a result of their comments, Kalapch has now added a second breakfast.

“Kalapch” should be served warm, it is an important issue about this type of food that is well taken care of. About 100% of the customers were satisfied with their order and they’ve mentioned that their “Kalapch” were as warm as expected.

Recently, Kalapch won the Iran Web Conference prize for the best startup of its kind.