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Make Handicrafts, Eshti Knows How To Sell Them

Mobin Ranjbar July 27, 2015 0
Make Handicrafts, Eshti Knows How To Sell Them

We all know that the handicrafts are more precious than those products being created in factories through automation and with limited checks and balances on quality. Still, artwork made by hand have their own issues. Not so much the handicrafts themselves but the artists. One issue, for instance, is where to find them. In the past, you could find them in the streets, but not so much now.
Another issue is that artists that make handicrafts had don’t know how to package, promote, and ultimately sell and deliver their creations. An artist couldn’t just be an artist as they had to deal with business and marketing aspects of their craft. For a while now, the use of Instagram has helped with some of these downsides as it allowed artists to promote their arts and also to sell them. However, digging a little deeper, you realize that the problems are not actually solved as they still have to wear the same business hats even with Instagram. They still have to do all the tasks such as creating business models, packaging and marketing, on top of making handmade products. Eshti to the rescue!

Eshti is not just a market place. Eshti (which means spindle in Yazd) is a platform that frees you up to make your handicrafts and it will take care of selling, promoting and packaging them for you. With the help of Eshti, artists can focus on making handmade products. Artists can then trust their products to Eshti who will manage individual stores on its website by posting photos of products and when orders come in, packaging and selling them, all without increasing the price that the customer will have to pay.

As Meysam Dehghani, the founder of Eshti told us, Eshti is not a marketplace that is open to any artist. Eshti selects artists based on their works and signs contracts with them. Artists can register for free and consign their handicrafts and Eshti will get a small percentage from the sale of products. Eshti is focused on quality and trust with this strategy. Two days per week, they deliver products for free in Tehran. Artists are not just from Tehran but also there are many artists from Rasht and Mashhad.

In Iran, there are other online handicrafts stores but Eshti claims that they are different. They focus on promoting the artists instead of the products and what their next area of focus is to optimize their warehousing practices and the delivery of products.

Eshti is now at Dmond Accelerator. Right now, they keep the products in their dedicated section in Dmond Accelerator and they are going to launch their own warehouse in three months.